Funeral Services
Wilbert offers a variety of choices for funeral arrangements, including burial vaults and cremation urns. We have continued to provide quality products and services in our region for over 100 years, as our company was founded primarily as a burial vault manufacturer.

For more information about our national burial products, click on the link to the Wilbert National Funeral Services website or watch the videos below.
Burial Vaults Legacy Prints
Wilbert National Website Cremation Choices Catalog

Cremation - Final Placement Choices [2:33]
Where to place cremated remains for their final resting place

Cremation - Service Options [3:08]
What types of services are available for cremation families?

Wilbert Cremation Choices [4:19]
Walks through service options, final placement, and urn selection
View Cremation Choices Catalog

Why Families Choose a Burial Vault [2:32]
Addresses common questions and the benefits of a burial vault

Selecting a Burial Vault [2:32]
Differences in burial vault construction and personalization options

The Value of a Committal Service [4:25]
Why a cemetery service? Honoring a loved one and dealing with grief