We specialize in reasonably priced headstones and shorter production times. All of our stones are hand-cut by a Master Craftsman, who brings 20 years experience to produce the perfect headstone honor the memory of your loved ones.
Choose between the Colors and Sizes below. Included in the price is the granite stone, art proofing, engraving, concrete border, delivery and installation (within 75 miles).

$850 for a 24" x 12" in your choice of Morning Rose or Georgia Grey
$1,200 for a 36" x 12" in your choice of Morning Rose or Georgia Grey

All specials include engraving, concrete border, delivery, and installation.

For more information or to set up an appointment contact
Thomas Jimeno:
Email: tjimeno@wilbertprecast.com
Phone: (509) 789-1475
Alex Bondarenko - Master Stone Cutter
Alex came to the U.S. from Kyrgystan in 1996 and started his career at Genesis Granite. Alex brought decades of experience in the stone industry as well as fluency in the Russian language. Alex’s workmanship and care for detail in the creation of memorials is unparalleled.
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