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Concrete BordersConcrete borders are a requirement at most cemeteries. They protect the stone from lawn mower damage, and also provide a larger footprint making the headstone more stable and less likely to settle over time. You can accentuate the rich color of the natural granite by adding color to the concrete border on the headstone of your loved one. Examples of the many colors available are shown below.

Porcelain PhotosThe unique photo ceramic process of high temperature firing creates a strikingly beautiful ceramic picture that will endure the extremes of weather and environment. Colors will not fade and the medallion finish will not deteriorate. In face we guarantee it!
Our Memorial portraits are guaranteed not to fade or deteriorate. They will be replaced free of charge if you or the family ever has a problem with vandalism or defects in quality and craftsmanship.

VasesWe offer cemetery vases for monuments, and headstones. These vases are made from durable material that are designed to weather the elements year after year and still look like new. The addition of an in ground case gives you the opportunity to beautifully display flowers at your loved ones site.

QR CodesA Memorial Website is an excellent way to remember your loved one. It provides your family a place to share photographs, stories, memories, and how their lives were touched. By scanning the QR code it automatically brings up the web page onto your electronic device. Generations to come visiting the headstone will benefit by knowing the story of the person, as told by those that loved them.
We at Genesis Granite offer memorials customized to meet your exact needs at a reasonable price. We offer a number of services to provide the highest quality memorial for you.

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