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Yard Makeover '06
Wilbert Precast, Inc. was recently involved in an Ultimate Yard Makeover event hosted by KXLY channel 4. Harlan Henderson, a music teacher at Cheney High School, was the winner of the Ultimate Yard Makeover. Wilbert Precast was able to use Redi-Rock to help revolutionize the Henderson’s yard.

Redi-Rock is a large-block retaining wall system that incorporates complementary accessories such as fence and gate columns, two-sided free-standing walls, and pavers. Wilbert Precast, the regional distributor of the Redi-Rock International retaining wall system, is making huge strides with the product in the Northwest.

For the Ultimate Yard Makeover, Wilbert Precast designed a retaining wall, columns, pavers, steps, and a mailbox in the Henderson’s yard.