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Wolf Creek Ranch Bridge
This creative project integrated Redi-Rock wall products and a recycled railroad car to create a unique and attractive bridge at a development in northern Washington.

The owner of the property wanted to connect two of the manmade lakes but retain the current roadway, making a bridge necessary. A local contractor recommended that the developer consider Redi-Rock to construct the fin walls and add an aesthetic appeal to the precast bridge abutments. The developer was impressed with the aesthetics and the engineering Redi-Rock offered.

The owner wanted to use a 55 ft. long steel railroad flat car that weighed 13,000 lb. as the deck of the bridge. Designers specified 28,000 lb. precast concrete abutments that were 1 ft. thick, 9 ft. tall and 9 ft. across. The precast abutments were covered with a Redi-Rock cobblestone veneer to match the Redi-Rock fin walls that flank the bridge. The ~$35,000 project includes 120 Redi-Rock 41 gravity series blocks.
A 1950s era boat was sunk in one of the lakes to provide fish habitat and an area of interest for swimmers to explore. In photos, the mast can be seen jutting out of the water.

The site encompasses 80 acres and required one and a half miles of road to access the building site. The developer quarried all of the necessary stone to build the roads on site, then used the quarries to build four lakes. A pad with utilities for a primary home were installed along with space for facilities for family, friends and staff. The 70-acre parcel is on the market for $5 million.