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Photos › Nuclear Products Nuclear Storage Modules, Prestressed Concrete Panels for buildings used to handle Nuclear Materials Over the past decade we have supplied precast concrete to a number of projects at the Hanford Nuclear Site. In 1996 the company began providing dry storage containers for spent nuclear fuel. The first project was the fabrication of 30 casks for the storage of spent fuel from the Fast Flux Test Facility. More recently we have fabricated 30 horizontal storage modules for Transnuclear West. These were used for the storage of the Three Mile Island core rubble at the Idaho Nuclear Engineering and Environmental Laboratory near Idaho Falls, ID.

The company is a participant in the rigorous plant certification program of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) and is subject to twice-yearly inspections to confirm that the company is adhering to PCI and ACI certifications. All of our nuclear work at Hanford has been under Department of Energy quality standards.

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