Columbaria / Mausoleums

Create everlasting beauty and increase revenue by adding a mausoleum, niche feature or prefabricated niche module designed specifically for your cemetery. Spanning four generations, Wilbert Precast has been providing unparalleled service to cemeteries in the Pacific Northwest. As a Design / Build Contractor since 1964, we have been actively involved in various cemetery projects, including:

  • Indoor Mausoleums with Chapels
  • Outdoor Garden Mausoleums
  • Niche Columbarium Features
  • Prefabricated Niche Modules

Meeting present needs and setting future goals are of the utmost importance in cemetery management. Wilbert Precast plays an integral part in your planning by assisting with Cemetery Master-planning and Section Design.

Contact Dan Terhaar (1-800-888-4573) for more information.

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