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Genesis Granite also provides access to bench monuments and custom shapes of upright monuments. These options come in a few colors and sizes.

Upright / Monument markers come is various sizes, colors and styles. These markers are a 3-piece set, tablet, base and foundation. The tablet is the upright portion where the engraving is highlighted. The tablet sits on the base and can have granite vases permanently attached. The foundation is poured with concrete on site.

Slant markers have approximately a 45-degree angle and sit slightly above the ground surface. Slant markers come in a few sizes and various colors.

Pillow markers come in similar sizes to flat markers but have a slight angle to them. The stone can sit level with the ground or slightly above to add more dimension to the headstone.

Standard cemetery stone that lays flat with the ground surface. Depending on the cemetery, you may add a concrete boarder for protection against cemetery yard maintenance. Flat markers come in various sizes and colors. It can also be raised up to 2 inches from the concrete border.