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Wilbert Precast has been a trusted name in precast concrete manufacturing in the inland northwest for over 100 years. Founded locally in 1906. Wilbert Precast Inc. provides a wide variety of precast concrete products to the Northwest through our premier manufacturing facilities in Spokane, Yakima and Lewiston. Wilbert Precast is certified by PCI and NPCA.

As a leader in innovative technologies, we can meet our customer’s project demands and serve them one quality product at a time. As a company, we believe that if we unify our strengths and weaknesses, intentionally challenge what’s normal in our efforts to grow and confront every roadblock together as a team, we will create the best solution for every customer using quality materials backed by quality people.


What We Offer

Precast Solutions

Need solutions or an idea for upcoming projects? View past projects and read about how precast could be the best solution for your project needs. If we can put it on a truck, then we can precast it.