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Redi-Rock® walls are a beautiful way to protect and accent any project. The massive strength of a 2,500 lb. block along with our engineered interlocking system make Redi-Rock® a sound solution for your retaining wall needs. Each block is specified at a minimum of 4,000 PSI wet cast concrete, which allows each wall to withstand even the toughest environments.

Redi-Rock® is designed to make any application possible. Uses include residential and commercial retaining walls, shoreline protection, sign, borders, freestanding walls, force protection, columns, pavers, staircases, bridges and more. Redi-Rock® can form the curves, corners and circular patterns to fit any landscape design.

Our Redi-Rock® experts will work with you to create the perfect solution. Installation and Delivery are available. Connect with our team to get a quote.

Your Wall Solution

When it comes to finding a solution to your project Redi-Rock® is a great place to look. Our engineered blocks can hold back dirt, whether it's a 4-ft. tall wall or a 32-ft. tall wall. Take a look at the different wall solutions below. If you find that Redi-Rock® is the right solution for you, have our team come take a look at your project.


Accessories like columns, steps, and caps coordinate perfectly with Redi-Rock retaining and freestanding walls to create a great-looking finished project.


Freestanding walls are above grade and are textured on two or more sides, so you can have a great looking freestanding wall that coordinates with your retaining wall. Or, it can stand on its own.


Our famous one ton Lego block. These blocks hold back earth while looking good at the same time. Plus the design of the block makes it easy to install.


These blocks utilize our Positive Connection (PC) System for walls that create a massive amount of connection strength. There is virtually no chance of a connection failure with the PC System because the grid wraps through the block.


All of our blocks are 46" wide and 18" tall. The depth various, starting with 28", 41" and 60" for retaining blocks and 24" for freestanding blocks. Depending on the job requirements 41" and 60" blocks may be call for by an engineer. If you have a job that may require a 41" or 60" block contact our team for more information.

Retaining Blocks

Freestanding Blocks




Wilbert Precast provides two options of rock face texture. Each face can be produced in any of our block designs. Choose your favorite.

Cobblestone features six smaller blocks in one of our blocks. Ledgestone is our premium texture. Both textures come in a two-tone gray and can be stained in various colors.


Rock Solid Solutions

This great looking residential wall utilizes some of the best attributes of the Redi-Rock® system. There are 3 types of Ledgestone blocks in this wall, Gravity, Planter, and Freestanding. These blocks allow for building a wall up to 12’ tall without reinforcement. This configuration also provides an integral planter within the wall.

Another great design feature here […]

For More on Redi-Rock

These can be great resources before starting your project. Everything from engineering specs on each block, block library and much more. Check out what Wilbert has to offer below.

We Create Solid Solutions

Searching for solutions or an idea for upcoming projects? Our past projects will serve up plenty of inspiration. Remember: If you can draw it, we can precast it.

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