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A burial vault is a lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses the casket. It protects the casket from the weight of the earth and heavy maintenance equipment that will pass over the grave. It also helps resist water and preserves the beauty of the cemetery or memorial park by preventing the ground from settling.

Burial vaults offered are poured with a minimum 5,000 psi concrete and are combined with various lining materials including bronze, copper, stainless steel, and high-impact plastics for strength, water resistance and elegance.

We offer three categories of burial vaults, with difference in the level of protection beauty, and personalization options. Scroll down to view the different options we provide.

How Burial Vaults Protect Your Loved Ones

Wilbert Lined Vaults

If you plan on ground burial for the coffin, many cemeteries require a burial vault. Lined burial vaults provide varying levels of protection from subsoil elements and the weight of the earth and heavy cemetery maintenance equipment. Your funeral director can help you select a lined burial vault that suits your style and budget.

These videos can help you make educated decisions concerning your burial vault options:

Wilbert offers a variety of choices for funeral arrangements, and one of those options is burial vaults. We have continued to provide quality products and services in our region for over 100 years, as our company was founded primarily as a burial vault manufacturer.
For more information about our national burial products, click on Wilbert National Funeral Services website or watch the videos below.

Why Families Choose a Burial Vault [2:32]
Addresses common questions and the benefits of a burial vault.
Selecting a Burial Vault [2:32]
Differences in burial vault construction and personalization options.
The Value of a Committal Service [4:25]
Why a cemetery service? Honoring a loved one and dealing with grief.

You want the best protection available for your loved ones. Years after you select a Wilbert® brand reinforced burial vault, you'll know that you made the right decision by choosing the highest level of protection.

Burial Vault Options

  • Lined Burial Vault
  • Sealed Burial Vault
  • High Strength concrete construction
  • Plastic reinforced cover & base (lined)
  • Name plates & emblem personalization only
  • Lined Burial Vault
  • Sealed Burial Vault
  • High Strength concrete construction
  • High-impact plastic and reinforced cover & base (lined)
  • Rich look of polished marble
  • Personalization choices available
  • Lined Burial Vault
  • Sealed Burial Vault
  • High Strength concrete exterior
  • Cover and base double reinforced with strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel and high impact plastic
  • Two ton painted exterior
  • Personalization choices available.

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