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Safe, Solid, and Built to Order

Protect electrical equipment, and the people who install and service it, with a Wilbert Precast electrical vault. Our precast concrete electrical vaults offer superior protection from tampering and weather events, yet are low-maintenance and easy to install. Wilbert Precast concrete electrical vaults are the ideal solution for: 

  • Junction Points
  • Electrical Panels
  • Telecommunications

Wilbert Precast electrical vaults feature numerous designs, including vaults with removable knockouts, grounding rods, unistruts, and grounding rods to simplify installation and long-term use. We frequently work with municipalities — browse through the designs below to discover what you need to meet code in your city.

Can’t find the perfect design? Contact us for a consultation. 

Our electrical vaults come with a variety of access tops depending on project requirements.

  • Galvanized Steel Frame with Aluminum Hatch. (Most Popular).
  • Cast Iron (Round or Rectangle).
  • Pad-Mount (For Transformers or Generators).
  • Solid Concrete Top (No Access). Utility Vault Components Explained.
  • Ground-Rod hole (Located in the bottom of the vault for grounding internal components).
  • Ground Insert (Ground components to internal rebar or reinforcement).
  • Knock-Outs (Use for easy access to external wiring or plumbing).
  • Pulling Irons (Attachment for pulling wire).
  • Sump (Moisture collection in bottom of vault).
  • Lifting Hole (Provided for many lifting options).
  • Unistrut (Used for many applications to mount internal equipment).
  • Rack-Kit (Adapts to unistrut for equipment or wiring needs).
  • Duct Terminators (Provide exact fit for PVC access).

For further information regarding our Electrical Vaults, please refer to the drawings below.

Type 1
Weight: 156 lbs.
Product ID: WP J11-Type 1-ST

Type 2
Weight: 247 lbs.
Product ID: WP J11 Type 2

Ground Rod Box
W/Cast Iron Cover
Weight: 80 lbs.
Product ID: Ground Rod Box 12
Product ID Double: Ground Rod Box 24

Weight: 4425 lbs.
Product ID: WP E11B TH 11X17

WP3036R TS
Weight: 1725 lbs.
Product ID: WP 3036 R-3036TS

WP3036R TH
Weight: 480 lbs.
Product ID: WP 3036 R-303THS

Weight: 2074 lbs.
Product ID: WP 3036 R

WP 2436
Weight: 2074 lbs.
Product ID: WP 2436 B

WP 2424
Weight: 894 lbs.
Product ID: WP2424BHS

Weight: 13,339 lbs.
Product ID: WP772B-774R-77THD

Weight: 1,865 lbs.
Product ID: WP25TA

444 (PCORP)
Weight: 3,100 lbs.
Product ID: 444(PCORP)