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Worry-Free Protection for 100 Years

Oil containment vaults are essential for preventing leaks that can endanger the health of wildlife and people alike. Wilbert Precast’s solid, durable oil containment vaults are made of precast concrete and offer worry-free protection. Prevent spills — and the excessive costs of remediation — with Wilbert Precast. 

Our oil containment vaults feature:

  • Double Ground Rods
  • Petro Pipe Cast Into Place In the Wall
  • 700-Gallon Capacity
  • Pennsylvania Bolt Pockets
  • Verified CarbonCure product

Unlike similar products from other companies, Wilbert Precast vaults are precast rather than poured in place. They can be installed quickly by a small team, which saves money and time. 

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For further information regarding our Oil Containment Vaults, please refer to the drawings below.

Oil Containment Vault
Dimensions: 10'11" x 13'10" x 2'10" Weight: 28,562 lbs.
Product ID: WP810PM