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Each Urn is customizable. With cremation, you have the option of keeping all or a portion of the cremated remains. Families may select a unique full-size urn to hold all the cremated remains, or choose to create lasting, treasured memories with the selection of personal mementos or uniquely designed jewelry which hold a portion of the cremated remains.

Emblems can be added to memorial urns and urn vaults in various styles and finishes to express what mattered most to your loved one.

Engraving offers the opportunity to truly personalize your selections with images or text. In addition to the traditional engraving of names and dates, many families choose to pay tribute to their loved one with significant scripture passages, sentimental verses from favorite poems or songs, or custom farewell messages written from the heart.

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Cremation Service Products

Cremation offers many options in services, selections, personalization, memorialization and final placement of the cremated remains.  In fact, there are actually more considerations involved in cremation than there are for burial.  However, these considerations need not be overwhelming. Take a moment to watch the following short videos that will unpack some of these options.

Wilbert Cremation Choices [4:19]
Walks through service options, final placement, and urn selection
Cremation - Service Options [3:08]
What types of services are available for cremation families?
Cremation - Final Placement Choices [2:33]
Where to place cremated remains for their final resting place