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We produce gravity, positive connection, freestanding, columns and caps only. Retaining blocks come in 28″, 40″ and 60″ depths and 16″ set backs.

The blocks are produced with a two-tone gray and can be stained with water based concrete stain after the wall has been installed.

Each block is 46″ wide x 18″ tall. Depths vary from 24″,28″, 40″ & 60″, depending on engineering.

Blocks weigh between 1,200 lbs – 3,200 lbs depending on block.

Any wall over 4 ft. tall requires engineering.

In order to install a Redi-Rock® wall you need 10 ft. of access to excavate and move the blocks to the desired location.

We provide a wall sketcher for most projects that provide you with a 2 dimensional layout of the wall with the different blocks needed to build the wall.

We provide blocks that come in cobblestone or ledgestone.

Redi-Rock® is an engineered retaining wall solution. Each block is designed like a Lego to stack vertically and interlock with each block.