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Typically, RediStair® stringers are delivered to the job site on a “just in time” basis and installation ideally occurs as they are lifted off of the delivery truck.  The delivery is scheduled to occur 1-3 days prior to the elevated deck pour adjacent to the stair tower. 

RediStair® with standard finish.
Egress Corridor Stair assembly.

RediStair® with high-end Class A finish. 

RediStair® is the concrete product that can bring the value of a concrete stair to a building owner at a cost competitive with steel stair systems. The advantages of concrete stairs over steel are many: they are more durable, quieter, and provide greater architectural appeal than steel or steel stringer with concrete tread systems. The trade-off has always been the cost to upgrade from steel to concrete. RediStair® may be the answer.

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