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Connect with our team for even more information. They can help you figure out if Redi-Rock® is the best solution for you.

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Click below to access all of our frequently asked questions. We will have the answers for you there.


Each block has its own use. Follow the link below to access all of Redi-Rock®’s tools for engineers or download the design manual.


Installation is key to creating a long-lasting wall. Below you can watch a video or download how to properly install a Redi-Rock® wall.

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Our block library has all the blocks Wilbert Precast Produces. Block specs and dimensions are included


Wilbert Precast provides two options of rock face texture. Each face can be produced in any of our block designs. Choose your favorite.

Cobblestone features six smaller blocks in one of our blocks. Ledgestone is our premium texture. Both textures come in a two-tone gray and can be stained in various colors.

All of our blocks are 46″ wide and 18″ tall. The depth various, starting with 28″, 41″ and 60″ for retaining blocks and 24″ for freestanding blocks. Depending on the job requirements 41″ and 60″ blocks may be call for by an engineer. If you have a job that may require a 41″ or 60″ block contact our team for more information.